pull the mountain, shake river with strength-乐鱼app官网入口

pull the mountain, shake river with strength-乐鱼app官网入口

   dalian haosen's 2019 tug-of-war competition was successfully held


in november, in front of building no. 6, the northern chill of late autumn was dissipated by a burst of enthusiasm and strength. the 2019 haosen tug-of-war event was a win or lose competition between the tigers and the 98k.

a total of 13 teams from all departments of the company participated in the competition. among them, there were strong teams such as the mountain river team and rebu7 who participated in the previous years. there were also new teams such as the duidui team and the baba team. however, regardless of being new or old, they had only one goal, to convince their opponents using truth. in the tug-of-war competition, the absolute power of ten people on the court is the truth.

after two rounds of fierce elimination matches, the etm team from mechanical design department ii, 98k team from mechanical design department iii, rebu7 team from control department ii, and the tigers team from assembly ii stood out as the top four teams, and all had a competitive chance at winning the championship. in the semi-final, etm could not stop the tigers, and 98k went on to defeat baba and rebu7, and advanced to the final. the shout by two teams among the cheers by their fans in the finals are such a morale boost, as if hercules and samson were competing with each other on the stage. in the end, the tigers team were unstoppable, and won the championship.


after the finals, an award ceremony was held in front of building no.6, awarding the winning teams and individuals for their excellent performance and spirit of sport.

every game in the haosen tug-of-war competition fully reflects the strength and tenacity imprinted down to the bones in the people at haosen. no matter if they’re faced with any opponent, they will give it their all. only with such powerful strength and united spirit, does haosen have the necessary strength and tenacity to become the industry leader.


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