rotor production line-乐鱼app官网入口

rotor production line-乐鱼app官网入口

demonstration product: permanent magnet motor rotor assembly line

product info: the production line is permanent magnet motor rotor assembly line to complete magnet assembly, magnet mounting, magnetization and test etc. key process to complete permanent magnet rotor assembly from component to final assembly.

project composition: magnet assembly station, injection station, lamination stack assembly station, dynamic balancing, rotor magnetization and check, stamping etc., 12 stations in total for the whole line with intelligent communication and mes data management system 

technology highlights

  • lamination stack critical dimension control

  • rotor magnetization saturation performance control

  • rotor dynamic balancing unbalancing performance control

  • four spindle robot assembly magnet technolog

  • robot fuzzy gripping technolog