lithium cell production line-乐鱼app官网入口

lithium cell production line-乐鱼app官网入口

demonstration product: prismatic battery cell production line 

product info: the cell production line includes making electrode (tab forming by laser), cell winding, cell assembly (heat press forming &hipot test, pasting, tab pre-welding cutting, tab and top cover ultrasonic welding, holder install, cell envelop, insertion into case, top cover laser welding), cell activation and selection (standing, formation & grading, ocv test) etc., to complete production from positive and negative electrode tab forming to finished cell selection.

project composition: laser tab forming machine, winding machine, heat press forming machine, pasting machine, pre-welding cutting machine, tab welding machine, holder install machine,  envelop machine, housing insertion machine, pin install machine, pin removing machine, palletizer machine, depalletizer machine, standing stereoscopic warehouse, formation & grading, ocv test

technology highlights

  • electrode and cell making equipment adopt auto core change, auto taping connection technology, dynamic high speed laser cutting technology, tab anti-folding technology, constant tension precision control technology, epc/ creeping double rectification  system, auto vacuum cleaning system widely applied in the whole line equipment, ccd test technology, precision temperature control heat press technology, laser welding technology, ultrasonic welding technology, heating envelop technology, vacuuming absorption technology, and electrical test etc., to ensure high quality and consistency of product assembly.