manufacturing execution system-乐鱼app官网入口

manufacturing execution system-乐鱼app官网入口

demonstration product: hsmes system

product info: the system covers plant level mes system, production line level mes system and warehouse management system (wms) etc., including machining line, assembly line, test line, biw line etc. production management, apply for traditional vehicle component and new energy enterprises, to assist enterprises realize visualized production, paper free production, pull up production, flexible production, to enhance production efficiency and quality. 

standard configuration: plant model setup, process management, material management, equipment management, employee management, planning management, quality management, production process control management, andon management and comprehensive report analysis

technology highlights

  • hot standby or virtual technology is adopted to avoid single point failure, and realize system high availability

  • opc technology is adopted to define equipment level interface, specify enterprise data collection standard

  • through planning network and data collecting points, realize balancing data exchange and load, and enhance execution efficiency, to ensure system timeliness

  • use horizontal sharding database design, to guarantee production bank quick response and history bank long time storage

  • use vertical sharding database design, to independently deploy different service, to avoid hot spot focus and enhance processing speed