plenty of honors | haosen awarded title of annual supplier by multiple customers-乐鱼app官网入口

plenty of honors | haosen awarded title of annual supplier by multiple customers-乐鱼app官网入口

as the chinese spring festival approaches, good news for haosen blooms. haosen has been honored by multiple customers for its outstanding quality, delivery performance, and diversified influence in the supplier awards of year 2023.


the prizes are sorted by initial letters and priority is not considered.

"best diversified leadership award" in 2023 from cummins china

haosen received a gift from cummins china - winning the "best diversified leadership award" in 2023 for its diversified development concept and influence on feb 2nd.

diversification and sustainability have always been an important ethos of haosen's development and corporate culture. facing profound adjustments in the international and market situation in 2023, haosen, as the loyal partner of cummins will work together with cummins to build a healthy and resilient supply chain. haosen closely follows cummins' diversified procurement pace, continues to increase the quantity, amount, and proportion of procurement from diversified suppliers such as women's enterprises, small and micro enterprises, minority enterprises, and welfare enterprises, and achieves results far exceeding the annual goals set by both parties, contributing to the brilliant performance of cummins china.

 "excellent supplier of the year" in 2023 from saic-gm

the 26th saic-gm supplier conference and the 2023 excellent supplier award ceremony with the theme of "wholly consideration, new opportunities expanding, and future creating" were held in hainan on jan 19th. haosen was once again recognized and awarded the title of "excellent supplier of the year" in 2023 by saic-gm at the conference.

since establishing a partnership with saic-gm in 2006, haosen has collaborated with saic-gm more than 200 times and has always won the trust of customer with the solutions that meet their needs. driven by the trend of electrification and intelligence, haosen actively assists saic-gm in its transformation, carries out cooperation in multiple fields such as e-motors and power batteries, and performs its ability to respond quickly and provide stable supply to support saic-gm to expand its product capacity and accelerate its launch.

“special contribution award of the year 2023” from infimotion

infimotion supplier conference was grandly held on jan 24th with the theme of "new sailing, heart to heart cooperation and brilliant future for infimotion". more than 180 suppliers gathered on the shore of the tai lake to discuss ways of supply chain cooperation and innovation. haosen stood out from these suppliers and won the "special contribution award of the year 2023" from infimotion.

haosen and infimotion have deeply cooperated in the drive motor business from 2022 to 2023, and the teams of both parties have tacit cooperation to efficiently complete various tasks. even in the event of force majeure, haosen is able to develop temporary plan to respond quickly and ensure the consistent delivery quality as always. infimotion has achieved successful mass production of multiple stators and rotors and achieved expected transformation goals with the support of haosen, further creating a core "driving force" for the market expansion of infimotion.

as the old saying goes, those who strive forward hardest in a boat race will win. haosen will continue to deepen cooperation with various customers, transform towards new trends, enhance corporate resilience and core competitiveness, and work together with customer to face new challenges and opportunities, achieving healthy, high-quality, and sustainable development in the future.


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