2022 haosen basketball league came to a successful conclusion-乐鱼app官网入口

2022 haosen basketball league came to a successful conclusion-乐鱼app官网入口

after nearly five months of intense competitions, 2022 haosen basketball league finally came to a successful conclusion on october 31st.

in addition to the team games same as in previous years, with the strong supports from the leaders, many new activities are added in to the basket ball games of this year, such as the set shot at the mid-court, the 3-point shot competition as well as the all star game and etc, which allows more employees to take part in the activities and feel the vitality and charm of the haosen basketball games. meanwhile, thanks to the simultaneous live broadcast on the haosen tiktok account, colleagues in the office as well as those on business trips can watch the live broadcast of the wonderful basketball games. additionally, the woman referees, who are newly introduced to the field this year and who are fair, serious and responsible in the games, also constitute a graceful scene on the basketball court.


a total of 11 teams participated in this year's haosen basketball league, i.e. power head one, power head two, net, motor, wind chaser, blue legion, only one, overfly,c60, alliance and online. after more than 30 wonderful competitions, the winners of a number of team and individual competitions finally stood out. moreover, haosen basketball association also organized all competition participators to vote for the winners of “spiritual civilization team”, “most valuable player”, “best referee”,“best umpire”and etc. according to the achievements and performance of the teams and players.


in the afternoon of oct.31st, 2022 haosen basketball league award ceremony was held in the company auditorium. firstly, the emcee, on behalf of the haosen basketball association and the hr & administration department of the company, welcomed the honorable guests present on that day, and then the honorable guests presented the 12 awards to the winners.

on completion of the awarding, fanghao zhao, executive deputy general manager of haosen, made a concluding speech for the award ceremony. mr.zhao said that when he saw the players cooperate closely and shoot at the basket marvelously, he also felt excited as a spectator. this was the charm of basketball. in the past five months, all of the players, referees and service staff had presented a number of wonderful games for us all. additionally, with the help of the live broadcast on the haosen tiktok account, both colleagues at the court as well as those as far as thousands of miles away could also watch the live broadcast of the matches. keeping these wonderful moments of this year in everyone's memory for a long time was also achieving our goal of holding the basketball matches. one of the themes of this year's competition was to get more people involved in this activity and to make the sport a landscape of haosen. with the rapid development of the company, each of us could also get various opportunities and development on the platform of the company. although the basketball games of this year were over, it was actually a new beginning instead of an ending.


mr. zhao hoped that after this season, everyone could review on the experience gained and make this sport even better, so that more people could see more wonderful performances in the next season!

in the end, the basketball association team also promised to continue to work hard to constantly improve on the rules and regulations to attract more people to participate in the haosen basketball matches!


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